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150th Anniversary Rose



2021 Rosé – Napa Valley

“Widely dissimilar in character and tastes, we are yet united in a peculiar manner by common interests and a common aim.” – From Louise Helen Coburn’s address to the first initiates, 1875.

 In the 150 years since our Founders received approval to form a literary and social society, Sigma Kappa has grown and adapted into a thriving sisterhood that has bound hundreds of thousands of members together over the generations, heart to heart and hand to hand. Our Founders provided the groundwork for an organization that remains strong and able to navigate societal changes that would have been unimaginable in 1874. Today, we honor our history and look forward to the future, celebrating 150 years of sisterhood and building the foundation for 150 more.

We introduce you to 150th. Our 2021 Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon. The watermelon and strawberry notes burst out of the glass. When served cool on a warm day, the juicy acidity of the 2021 Rosé makes for a very refreshing and versatile wine, perfect to share on any occasion. Look for the hidden imagery in the rose petals.
$36 / Bottle

Fall Release


Elizabeth Gorham Hoag

2020 Red Wine – Napa Valley

The third wine in the First Five Series pays tribute to Elizabeth Gorham Hoag. Elizabeth was artistic and loved languages and literature and was an accomplished pianist. Friends described her as joyous and full of fun, regularly seeing the bright side of things and quick to respond with a witty comment. Sadly, Elizabeth died at the age of 18 from tuberculosis. She lived long enough to attend the first Initiation ceremony, Feb. 17, 1875, and passed away in June the same year. Her contributions to the formation of Sigma Kappa were essential and organic, and the Sorority owes much of its brand personality to her bright ideas and level judgement.

We introduce you to Elizabeth Gorham Hoag. Our proprietary red blend always exhibits the craft of blending, where all the parts complement the round character of the final wine. Deep dark saturated color, with spicy plum and black cherry, tobacco, cinnamon, and floral and camphor hints on the nose while on the palate it is voluptuous, dark fruited, juicy, round and long lasting with currant, dark chocolate, roasted beets and a persistent finish in this full-bodied wine.
$95 / Bottle

Dove Love

2021 Chardonnay – Napa Valley

The dove became an official symbol of Sigma Kappa at the 1984 convention. It has a very important significance, which is revealed during our Initiation ceremony. Throughout history, doves have been used to symbolize a deep connection and represent open and honest love in the purest form. The phrase “Dove Love” is used as an informal sign-off by some members to demonstrate their sisterhood and love for one another. 

We introduce you to Dove Love. Balancing the fullness of fruit with the dance of elegance, this 2021 Chardonnay Napa Valley exhibits purity of fruit with melon and poached pear, then lemon custard and faint toastiness on the nose while exotic fruit notes of mango and pineapple mesh with the vanilla and spicy wood from French oak in this medium bodied wine that finishes on a sweet note.
$56 / Bottle
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